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Did You Know?

Did You Know?

Bradford city centre comes to a standstill

The streets of Bradford came to a standstill on Sunday 19th July to allow a 20-year-old Jaguar racing car that won the famous 24-hour race at Le Mans to run once again. Thousands of people turned out to welcome the iconic 1988 Jaguar XJR-9LM from the Jaguar Heritage museum in Coventry as it took to the streets, as part of the Bradford Classic Car show. The XJR-9LM led a parade of Jaguars into Centenary Square, watched by thousands of stunned onlookers.

Traffic Trouble

A man who had just bought a new a new Jaguar was livid when a Mini in front rolled back and wrote off his new pride and joy. The Jaguar dealership was entertained when the man returned an hour later with a write off.

I wish I had a ..

The car of people's dreams is a silver Jaguar XK8, according to a Marks & Spencer Financial Services survey. The most popular motor for a man was an Aston Martin DB7, while women opted for a Mercedes SLK. Silver is the top colour choice for those aged 25-34, with black being popular among 35-44 year olds and midnight blue the best for those aged 45-54. Silver is also the most popular colour taking all ages into account. Those born under the star sign Libra go for Fords; Rover owners are most likely to be Taureans and Peugeot owners Pisceans. If you own a Vauxhall you could well have been born under Aries. Only 80% of men consider themselves to be sensible drivers, and only a quarter think they drive fast. Researchers asked 1,006 adults to participate for the survey.

Did You Know?

Did You Know?

Sweat Shop Labour

Jaguar has found an underarm deodorant for their workers, which doesn't contain aluminium oxide that leaves a powdery residue on new cars. Bosses at Jaguar's Halewood factory on Merseyside say they take quality assurance very seriously and set up tests. Paint shop workers at the plant volunteered to have sweat samples taken from their shirts to test the deodorant they use. Only three deodorants were found including one that retails for just 99p by supermarket giant Asda. As a result, Asda has agreed to supply 3,000 cans of body spray to the technicians. Andy Adcock from Asda said: "We're pleased to hear our men's body spray is as easy on Jaguar's paintwork as it is on the underarm."

No Bangers Or Mash

On top of the fuel, oil, tyres and clutch spares used by the Formula One team, a vast amount of fuel of a different kind is accounted for by the catering team in the Jaguar Racing motorhome. In a season they get through 28,000kg of meat, 15,000 litres of water, 8,000 eggs, 3,500 sausages, 1,500kg of potatoes, 1,500kg of pasta, 800kg of tomatoes and 750 litres of milk.