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BMWBLOG Podcast Episode 43 — We Talk the Best Cars of 2020 and More

16 January 2021

This new episode has some good info in it and we break down some topics that a lot of fans have been discussing over the past few weeks. First of which is the BMW i4 M50, which is a car a lot of fans are curious about. The M50 version of the i4 will be an M Performance version and not a full-on M car. Think BMW M340i and not M3. This means it will be a standard BMW with some slight tuning from the M Division. Still, it will be the first electrified car to get massaged my the folks in Garching.

We also discuss the BMW M550i and how it stacks up against the proper M5. This is a topic that a lot of fans enjoy, as the M550i is a bit of a fan favorite. Not only is it 8/10ths as fast as a BMW M5 but it’s more comfortable, more affordable and easier to live with on a daily basis. So it’s not a cheaper version of the M5 but an entirely different flavor of 5 Series. So it allows customers that want to go fast another, more comfortable option.

Lastly, we discuss our favorite cars of 2020, cars that we drove that really stood out to us. We picked our favorite BMWs and favorite non-BMWs. As the resident contrarian, I drove most of the non-BMWs this past year, so I had a few more cars than Horatiu to choose from. Still, we had some great drives last year, despite the epic cluster-eff that 2020 was.

In our latest episode of the BMWBLOG Podcast, and the very first episode of 2021, Horatiu joins me as we talk about some of the more interesting topics surrounding BMW today, as well as our favorite cars of 2020. This is also our first podcast in this new format. We’ve added video to the podcast now, so you can watch it on YouTube, if you don’t want to just listen to it.

We seem to be on a designer kick with our podcast, lately. First we had Chris Bangle, followed by Frank Stephenson and now, our latest guest to the podcast, Anders Warming. If you don’t already know, Warming was a designer at BMW and the former Head of Design at MINI. Ironically, Warming worked under Bangle, and alongside Frank Stephenson, during his time at BMW. So all three designers we’ve had on were part of the same design crew.

Thankfully, Warming took the time to do a three-way Zoom call with us and talk about his time at BMW, some of his designs at MINI, the future of automotive design and some of the many projects he’s currently working on. He has his own design company now and to say he’s keeping busy, especially during a pandemic, would be an understatement. You can see his sketches on the wall behind him in the video.

Warming has some great stories about working at both BMW and MINI. As mentioned before, he was part of Chris Bangle’s team at BMW and is actually the man responsible for the design of the original BMW Z4, one of the best looking BMWs of the modern era. He also spoke about Davide Arcangeli, the Italian designer who penned the E60 BMW 5 Series, a story we also heard from Bangle. So it was really interesting to get an even deeper look into BMW’s design history from that iconic era.

Another car Warming spoke about was the MINI NEXT 100, a concept car for the future that he is particularly proud of. We remember the MINI NEXT 100 vividly and thought it was a fascinating design for the future. That’s a car that Warming looks back at as one of his favorites that he ever worked on.

It was great to sit down and talk to Anders Warming. He gave us a lot of interesting insight into not only his time at BMW, during one of the most important eras of BMW design, but also how the design process works. He also spoke a lot about the future and the sorts of car designs he’s working on. Check it out.